Project Profile

The architecture of the Tower combines nature, technology and space to delineate a bold and striking architectural statement on the city of Sulaymaniyah.  The bold curved form of the building is a strong focal point, set against the panoramic surroundings. The material treatment of the building’s exterior contributes to the ethereal, atmospheric quality of the building presence on this site. The curve is designed to be in a symbiotic dialogue with its surroundings and the environs of Sulaymaniyah; it is a celebration of the importance and powerful experiences of water and nature.

In order for a building to endure, the exterior form must be a direct expression of its structural framework. The power­ful semi helix shape, created by the rotating floors, emphasizes the design philosophy and utilization of cutting-edge techniques. The form shows the great power of design through Infinity’s unique spiral shape that reflects the ever-changing shapes of the river and winds that surround it.

The building’s unique form and prime location will make it one of the most recognizable buildings in Sulaymaniyah.


Project Key Statistics:

• Plot Area 1785.06 sqm. (19214.3 sq Ft.) , Plot size is 42.50m x 42.50m

• Total Built Up Area 31227.13 sqm. (31227.13 sq ft.)

• Total Building Height is 163.250 mts. 31 Floors

• Ground Floor and 1st Floor - Floor to Floor Height is 5mts.

• Typical Floors - Floor to Floor Height is 4.5mts.