Esplanade Retail Development

Project Details

Al Barsha , Plot No: 3731116
Project Value: 
AED 200 Million
Project Status: 
Tender Stage

Project Profile


Esplanade is a Retail Center where people can enjoy an experience unlike that of the Emirates Mall adjoining the site. It consists of 9 individual buildings that are a combination of Retail spaces and Restaurants.

The Retail area is 4,847 sq mts (52, 180 sq ft) along with 2926 sq mts (31, 500 sq ft) of Restaurant area. Some Restaurants are resting on an elevated dining terrace.

In addition, there are two large Market Buildings. One is the Central Hypermarket consisting of 2,5559 sq mts (27, 540 sq ft) and the other (a multi function Pavilion) which is 1,832 sq mts (19,719 sq ft). All individual buildings are interlinked by means of a glass Concourse, creating an air conditioned landscaped walkway interspaced with lobbies and break out spaces with opportunity of providing external sit out spaces/small eateries, creating an ambience similar to a local Souq.

Key Statistics

• Plot Area: 42008.45 M²(452,179Ft²)

• Gross Floor Area: 5,632.37 M²(168,266.81 Ft²)

• Total Built Up Area: 22,140.98 M²(238,325.55Ft²)

• Commercial (Retail + Restaurant) Spaces: 7773 M² (83,668.57 Ft²)

• Total Building height is not more than 25 meters.