Green Community

Project Profile

The master plan provides the opportunity to accommodate a mix of apartments and townhouses, reflecting the current market demand. The master plan proposes to replicate the spatial character and layout of the adjoining Green Community development, locating apartments along the northern boundary, providing a buffer and scale transition to the adjacent commercial plots, and positioning townhouse plots to the south.

The proposal aims to develop a residential cluster that builds on the existing traits of the Green Community, namely the accessible green open spaces, pedestrian oriented environment, safe and secure setting, and a sense of community that has developed over the life span of the project.



Phase II -

The development is subdivided into ninety-five (95) plots to form a total of two hundred and twenty (220) plots within the Green Community Town­house area. The additional plots are formed of four plot typologies, Plot A (the Mid Villa 3 Bedroom) is 2,583 sq. ft. Plot B (the Mid Villa 4 Bedroom) is 3,229 sq. ft. Plot C (the Signature Villa) is 4,844 to 5,576 sq. ft. and Plot D (the End Villa) is 4,844 to 5,565 sq.ft.

The plot arrangements are limited along continuous built lines, clus­tering the plots into a maximum of 8 units.

The recreation facility plot at the gateway to the development occupies a site of 8,579.96 sqft, accommodating a community pool, changing fa­cility, and gym

Phase III-

The development is sub-divided into 96 townhouse plots and one apartment plot to form an extension of Green Community.

The townhouse plots are formed of three models, Plot A (Mid Villa 3 Bedroom) is 2,583 sq. ft. Plot B (Mid Villa 4 Bedroom) is 3,229 sq. ft. and Plot C ( End Villa) is 4,198 to 4682 sq. ft. The townhouse plots are clus­tered into a maximum of seven units, to limit wherever possible continuous built lines, and to allow pedestrian movement between clusters.

The position of the recreational facility provides for direct access to all residents via the pedestrian and public realm network. The facility accommodates a community pool, changing facility, and gym.


Site Location

The Motor City development is located along one of the key development corridors in the city, the Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road.

The development is based on a unique automobile and motor sports theme that combines residential, commercial, business oppor­tunities, sports and leisure activities. Motor City is in fact ‘a city within a city’, with five project components over a land area of approximately 38,000,000 sq. ft., Located on Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, Dubai.

The site for the planned residential development is located to the east of the existing green community residential development within Mo­tor City, thus representing an exciting opportunity to develop the land into a well integrated residential development creating synergy with the adjacent townhouse developments.