Project Profile

In light of the increased success of the Green Community residential model of development that exists within Motor City, Dubai, the developer Union Properties (UP) has invited Stantec to present a proposal for the extension of the Green Community to two adjacent sites. Phase I of the extension shall utilize the vacant land parcel, located to the East of the existing development. Phase II of the extension is planned to the North East of the existing Green Community, within an adjacent land parcel and segregated by Detroit Avenue. This report shall examine the master plan proposal for Phase II extension of the Green Community.

The site is presently occupied by surface parking that was designed to cater for the visitors to the Autodrome. However, since major events at the Autodrome are limited, the surface parking lot remains largely under-utilized and vacant throughout the year, providing the opportunity to portion an area of the site for alternative uses. UP envisions transforming this portion into a residential development similar to Green Community.

The master plan provides the opportunity to accommodate a mix of apartments and townhouses, reflecting the current market demand. The master plan proposes to replicate the spatial character and layout of the adjoining Green Community development, locating apartments along the northern boundary, providing a buffer and scale transition to the adjacent commercial plots, and positioning townhouse plots to the south.

The proposal aims to develop a residential cluster that builds on the existing traits of the Green Community, namely the accessible green open spaces, pedestrian oriented environment, safe and secure setting, and a sense of community that has developed over the life span of the project.

As part of the scope, the full infrastructure design (including roads and utilities) is to be completed by December 2014 and the cost of infrastructure is AED 30 Million.