Project Profile


The proposed Master Plan at Plot C-04 of Nashama Town Square Develop­ment provides the opportunity to incorporate townhouses into the pre-established de­velopment, following through on the design characteristics of the existing townhouses, and yet providing a different approach for the Master Plan and Landscape that includes accessible green open spaces, the pedestrian-orientated environment, the safe and secure setting, and a sense of community that were developed over 3 Options of the Master Plans.


Development Brief

The development brief of this Stage centers on creating 3 Options of Mas­ter Plans Design and 3 Options of Landscape Design for Plot C04 of the Town square Development Located in New Dubai at the intersection of Al qudra Road and Emirates Road ( E611) . The development site, with its area 128, 837.00 sq.m (a figure ascertained from the data received from Parsons), shall be subdivided into an existing product of Town houses that includes 8 different types in a mix of 4,6,8, and 10 plex blocks con­sisting of both 3 and 4 Bedroom layout (G+1 in height), and to adopt the existing town houses to the plot grading and contours.