Project Details

Project Status: 
Schematic Design Completed in 2008

Project Profile

Here we have created a one-of-a-kind contemporary residential building, with the feel of a luxury hotel.  It boasts generous units and unique public spaces and amenities.

The proposal is located at Precinct C of the Dubai Waterfront Project, and comprises 17 residential stories, a commercial ground floor, and two basement-parking levels. Being on the Beach Boulevard, it faces the Beach Hotels of the Development. Beyond that, there lies the large landscaped communal beach area. To take advantage of the views of the Gulf and the Palm, the building is orientated at 10 degrees to the plot. This shift allows most of the units on the East side of the building to have views towards the beach. This will be especially true for the units at the floors above the 9th floor, which exceed the height of the roof structures of the buildings across the street.

The most distinctive architectural feature of the building is the “cut” at the middle of the building-10th floor with unobstructed views to the beach beyond. This area shelters an infinity swimming pool and a terraced deck, forming the most luxurious and relaxing communal space in the building.  The building was designed to comply with Gold LEED standards and many aspects of its design - such as the roof gardens, specialized curtain wall and glazing elements, and the mechanical and waste disposal systems reflect this.